columbus bilateral letter scale

maker: Ph.J. Maul
bruine lijn
columbus bilateral letter scale
front view letter scale

This ORIGINAL COLUMBUS BILATERAL letter scale has, besides this name, also the mark of Ph.J. Maul clearly on the front of the scale. This type of scale doesn't need a zero leveling screw. The scale has two charts. The lower chart goes up to 100 grams and has a division stripe at each gram. That is far too much: the stripes are too close together and a proper and quick reading is impossible. The upper chart starts at 100 grams and finishes at 500 grams. Here, a stripe per 5 grams is given. This is easy to read. en loopt tot 500 gram. The front and the back of this letter scale show a beautiful symmetrical shape. This scale has the Dutch text: NIET VOOR HANDELSDOELEINDEN in the plate, meaning "Not legal for trade".

back of scale
back of scale
detail 1
left rear view
detail 2
left side view
detail 3
right rear view

Below some more photos of this herbs scale.

detail 4
the plate reads:
niet voor handelsdoeleinden
detail 5
connecting bar
detail 6
double plated frame
detail 7
pin of plate fits by clamping
detail 8
lower chart 0-100g
detail 9
range 500g
detail 10
stripe per gram = too much
detail 11
logo and name
detail 12
beautiful symmetrical shape
bruine lijn
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