maker: Ph.J. MAUL
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rictus, maker Ph.J. Maul

The RICTUS of Ph. J. Maul is described in the Deutsches Reich Patentschrift with DRP number 384478, with the German title Neigungswaage. The patentees are Deutsche Werke Aktien-Gesellschaft in Berlin, Ernst Prüfer in Berlin-Steglitz and Dipl.-Ing. Ernst Wulf in Berlin-Friedenau. It is patented from August 17, 1921. The patent was published November 19, 1923. The patent has one schematic drawing. The weighing mechanism is placed rather odd: The indicator and chart are orientated from right to left. The realized movement of reading at the actual letter scale is more logical, that is just the other way round. The housing realized is more elegant than the one in the drawing. Different coloured designs of the RICTUS are known.

drawing of DRP-nr.384478
drawing of the patent
round plate with lowered curved strip
round plate with
lowered curved
middle strip

rictus, rectangular black
rectangular plate
black rictus
rictus front
rictus front
rictus rear
rictus rear
rictus, rectangular plate, purple
slightly curved
rectangular plate
purple rictus

rictus, black/white
rectangular plate
black on white

The weighing plateau is a round plate with a curved lowered middle strip, or is a rectangular plate, or is a bowl-shape. The range of the letter scale shown is 500 grams. Others range up to 1000 grams. In the area of the chart up to 100 grams, there is a division mark for every gram. Above 100 grams, a division mark per 5 grams is given. One sees graphical different designs of the rictus charts. Specimens with simple division stripes of equal lengths; or more complicated, division stripes with proportionally growing lengths, plus an arrow-head towards the value indicated. The rictus has an ugly, detonating zero leveling adjustment: the housing containing the complete weighing mechanism, is mounted on a small ground plate. This plate is fixated at one side on a second larger ground plate by means of three rivets. At the other side the zero leveling adjusting screw is situated. In this way, the housing always has a detonating oblique position on the larger ground plate. Below some more detailed photos of this letter scale.

rictus, detail 1
stripes per gram
rictus, detail 2
beautiful elevated grooves
rictus, detail 3
stripes per 5 grams
rictus, detail 4
ugly zero leveling
rictus, detail 5
name of model
rictus, detail 6
division stripes + arrow-heads
bruine lijn
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