For the homepagemaster of radio seem to belong to life as food, drink and sleep does. Next also some of his stories.

Beginning of the seventies Bart started to listen to mainly offshore radio stations. In the mid seventies he started his first "station". That was by playing music and more in a central heating system of a flat building near The Hague. Not too long after he got his first cassette recorder. Then he was already recording in his own English and pretending to broadcast from a radio ship not knowing that in the next century he would be really part of such adventures. Before his first mixing panel arrived in 1979 Bart used his old baby commode by putting speakers and a microphone behind one of the doors. In the seventies and eighties Bart could be heard on various radio pirate stations with also self built material in and in the neighbourhood of Rijswijk (between The Hague and Delft; he was born there). In December 1983 he moved to Zoetermeer were he was involved for several periods in the legal local radio (these days called Zoetermeer FM) . Besides that his voice-over work can be heard on Excellent FM and from time he is/ was on UK websations. Between 1984 and 1986 Bart presented on various pirate stations on FM in his hometown, including the famous Radio Groeistad. During several periods between 1993 and 2000 Bart (also) presented on a FM station in Berkel en Rodenrijs (near Rotterdam). In 1996/1997 he made his third comeback on the legal radio of his hometown with also a tv channel. That was soon after their FM transmitter arrived and the aerial was erected more then 60 meters high. On ZFM Bart can be heard on Saturday and Sunday morning. In June 2005 Bart was asked to join Radio Waddenzee AM 1602 for commercials and shows. More about that down under.

One of the former ZFM studios with BS (not the one of the toys concern from Volendam and mrs. Oops I Did It Again) and CS IN 2003.

Click here for the streaming audio of Zoetermeer FM

Het copyright van bovenstaande foto behoort toe aan Ramon Vasconcellos. Kik hier desgewenst voor z'n fraaie site ZOETERMEER IN DE STEIGERS (die online zou blijven)

Nog een (voormalige) RV url:

Klik hier voor de fraaie site Z.i.B. van initiatiefnemer, fotograaf en nog veel meer the one and only Martijn Lenting

More of (the) ZFM 107.6 (studio) also via the buttons Cesar and Daphne

The LV18 besides The Old Railway Pier in Harwich harbour on a bright and another great evening in June 2001.
Photo taken by Charles van Doornewaard after he was on air as a guest during a Floating Dutchman Show.

Text from (a link above Ada the rubberband woman): Bart interviewing Charles van Doornewaard.
The mic. which is in his hands is the one of Ada and Bart which made duo presentation possible from time to time.

Programmes from the Harwich harbour (The Floating Dutchman was born)

In 2001 Bart read by e-mail that a Radio Mi Amigo RSL was planned from the light vessel 18 (LV18) besides The Old Railway Pier in Harwich and in a bit thoughtlessness mood a demo was sent to Phil Mitchell (ex Radio Caroline and VOP). That station manager refused many English ones because of their voice, but Bart was invited to come over for some (weekend) shows and in press announcements Bart launched THE FLOATING DUTCHMAN. It was said that the newseditor actually wasn’t voiced enough for reading the news. So even Bart was asked to do some bulletins. In June 2001 Bart joined the third Radio Northsea International (RNI) RSL from the LV18/ Mebo3 and was the one who spoke the last words (DON’T FORGET TO TURN OFF YOUR RADIO YOU ARE WASTING YOUR BATTERIES).Besides that he spent the whole RSL on board and became the one who spent the most nights (in a cabin) since the LV18 isn’t a official light vessel anymore. Doing all kind of things (sometimes all alone on board) on a radio ship (with also well known deejays and more) was a great experience for him and that also gave positive results for his way of making radio.

Text and photo taken from (in next block the link): Bart "The Floating Dutchman" Serlie (and Ada).

For more pics of the third RNI RSL (with also Ada+ Bart) click here, activate 2001 R.S.L. and then 2001 Photo Gallery.

Ada with wet look after she had a primitive shower. On the background one of the lighthouses of Harwich.

Left the RNI 2001 transmitter on air. On the right the optimod with on top standby the really so called Silly Sally Sender.

The Silly Sender in September 2002 after it was used from Radio Mi Amigo Harwich Haven Community Radio.
That radio station operated on 1503 KHz with a Ristricted Service Licence and could also be heard via BTodbits (world wide web radio).

The LV 18 from the ferry with captain Baines in charge.

The LV18 photographed from Shotley on the day the ABC family took the ferry to the other side of the river Stour. On request of Sietse Brouwer (these days Radio Waddenzee and Seagull) they took some bisquits of a little shop with them when they climbed again on the radiolightship LV18.

Situation August 2002: 4 RMA presenters in front of the LV18 near the anchor: Tony Curry (normally a job at BBC Radio Scotland in Glasgow), Sharon Smith (normally a sea cadeth officer in Ipwich), Ada (normally a job at Pharmapack in Zoetermeer) and Bart (normally a job at PZH in The Hague).

Mystery man watching in the direction of the Floating Dutchwoman (with inside here the Little Floating Dutch One).

Text and photo from the next link: Tony O'Neill & Ada (The Floating Dutch woman).

The Floating Dutchman on air from the LV 18 in Agust 2002.

In 2002 Bart joined the LV18 RSL of Mi Amigo Harwich Haven Community Radio with also local activities to mention. More English adeventures: In Augustus 2002 Bart was invited to visit the Caroline’s Maidstone studio and was “on air” during a programme of John Patrick. Dave Fox (from time to time also on Radio Caroline), who was just like Bart doing programmes on the LV18 in 2002, mentioned that he would like to have some jingles recorded in Dutch, but had no mini disc for it. Bart offered one and with his portable some voice overs were recorded in one of the cabins on board. After that on request of the same Dave many jingles (mainly in Cloggy English) were made for Radio Caroline Netherlands and Radio Seagull Netherlands in Bart’s home studio. In 2004 Bart did some programmes on OFFSHORE MUSIC RADIO and they seem so enthusiastic of his demo that they even broadcasted that. Meanwhile he was asked to send in a demo to TNI RADIO. There he did for a while FLOATING DUTCHMAN SHOWS (and TNI in concert). Meanwhile he did (and still does from time to time) voice overs, jingles and programmes (also in Cloggy) for Radio Samantha International and Special Music Radio (both from Bristol). SMR 558 Party from the Ross Revenge in March 2005: Bart did some shows for Special Music Radio in (Cloggy) English. Besides that he recorded (for) more. At the end he was with special permission of Peter Moore on board with only his own household. That extra time he also used to record some extra shows for ZFM 107.6 (Zoetermeer FM). On Stage: Bart was on stage during broadcasts of radio stations, festivals, parties, barbeques etc. in Cloggyland and in the United Kingdom during THE BIG NIGHT OUT (was held for listeners, advertisers and more of the Radio Northsea International 2001 RSL in Kirby Cross, near Clacton on Sea).

Click here when you want to get to Garry Lee's great site with much more about the RMA 2002 RSL from the LV18

The ABC family back on board the LV 18 in September 2002. Right in the background the Patricia which was also on the waves near by the radio forts during some years of the 60's.


The LV 18 on a bright day in late September 2002 from the ferry of the Baines family.


In Augustus 2002 the ABC family was in the Maidstone studios. In front of the door The Floating Dutchman.

In August 2002 the ABC family was in Queensborough on board Radio Caroline's Ross Revenge.
On the handle the Floating Dutchwoman with inside the Little Floating Dutch One (Cesar then +-3 months on it's way).

Adventures of the ABC(D) family on board Radio Caroline's Ross Revenge in March 2005.

The Floating Dutchman himself up on the bridge roof of the Ross Revenge.

Next is the unlimited version which was sent to Hans Knot because he asked for it to mention in one of his monthly reports. More about that for example on

Hi Hans,

You asked me to make a contribution because of the adventures on board the Ross Revenge thanks to the SMR 558 Party. I shall try to ventilate that in my best (Cloggy) English and it’s up to you as a journalist to select and adjust were you think that’s desirable. First of all how I was involved in that great happening. Last year it was you who made the match in the long search of Paul Johnson (further mentioned as P.J.) to Neon Nancy (further mentioned as N.N.). Because you knew she was just like my wife Ada and I involved in the RSL from the LV18 in 2002 you e-mailed P.J. as it were that I could lead him to her. After that P.J. and I had many e-mail contact and we also still send material by post to each other. Somewhere in 2004 P.J. had an brilliant idea. He would give it a try to hire the Ross Revenge and celebrate there his 40 th. birthday. After many preparations and many contacts done by P.J. with well known Radio Caroline officials just some weeks before the big day I received the go sign. So after I took note of P.J’s e-mail about that I arranged the HSS for 6/3/2005. On that day just like every Saturday and Sunday for me a programme and even on the afternoon of arrival some kind of bonus on ZFM 107.6 ( The ABCD Family (Ada, Bart Cesar, and Da....; last mentioned is expected around 14 August ......) arrived with stowaway Da…. Caroline/ Ronan in Harwich around 19.20 h. BMT. We drove with our still a bit new smelling car to Tillbury and arrived there around 21.00 h. along the Ross Revenge. After climbing on several ladders by me on board it was discovered by Andy Doswell that the Cloggy invasion had begun. At that moment Pete Anderson (further mentioned as P.A.) was also on board. P.A. showed us some cabins and we took his advice to have the room upstairs behind the bridge (between the much ship to shore equipment with valves). There we stayed for five nights with the three of us, actually the four of us.


C&A (always cheaper; a slogan of that clothing store concern).

Ada+ Cesar pictured from inside to outside by mister SMR (PJ) himself through one of the portholes of the Ross Revenge.

Our stay was extra special because Cesar has as second name: Ross. That is also thanks to his first visit. While still on board his mother the whole ABC Family climbed down to the transmittter room in Augustus 2002. As mentioned above Cesar’s sister or brother also will become a special second name. In the afternoon of 7 March 2005 there arrived a van from Bristol along the Ross Revenge. Inside were P.J. and Brian Young . The last one is the great guy behind Radio Samantha International ( who had the banana suite on board. Before leaving the inflatable banana was kindly handed over as a present to Cesar Ross Serlie. Later on 7 March 2005 Pete Bryant (he can speak some Dutch because his mother used to live in the Cloggy town Delft) and Nick Stevens arrived. N.N. and Nick 2 with guitar (indeed the talanted Nick Barnes) arrived on 8/3/2005. Because of his reputation it wasn’t surprising that Tony Christian didn’t turn up during the SMR 558 Party. Better not mention what have been said about him in the messroom. Besides many already has find out thereselves about that. There also came guests for a short stay like Jane and her husband. She and I had a chat with each other and that was recorded during one of the Floating Dutchman Shows for SMR 558. Jane asked me to hand over regards to Hans Knot (yes the autor of this great monthly report)and Rob Olthof (for instance known of Radio Mi Amigo 192; Last month I‘ve already sent those two countrymen an e-mail about Jane’s request to me and they sent me a spontaneous e-mail in return.P.J. kicked off in the late evening of 7 March 2005 while the first mini disc was running. Some minutes before midnight it was me The Floating Dutchman (that name was introduced by me in March 2001) who was given the microphone and had the honour to record that special moment when P.J.’s birthday was really there.

Taken in the neighbourhood of the anchor material. First car left the car of the ABC(D) family.

There was a great atmosphere in the studio, applause and natural presents! Meanwhile listeners of Radio Samantha International have been able to share those Special Music Radio 558 recordings. Those who are really interested in those unique (also Nick Barnes playing live in the studio) recordings can sent an e-mail to I shall then make contact with the one who has the masters to find out out what can be done. On board the Ross Revenge programmes for more radiostations like Radio Samantha International from Bristol and ZFM 107.6 from Zoetermeer in the Netherlands were also made during the period 7 March 2005- 11 March 2005. Concerning the last mentioned station on 26, 27 en 28 March totally three hours inclusive price questions for appropiate goodies were broadcasted. Most of it was recorded while the ABCD Family was all alone on board the Ross Revenge for another two days (inclusive nights) with special permission which gave Peter Moore alias Malcolm Smith to P.A. Just after the cat Cleo of last mentioned went up for a nap in P.A.’s camper in front of the Ross Revenge her boss waved us goodbye while we were making a start for our trip to North Yorkshire. A very big thank you to all involved in the SMR 558 Party! There are already plans for another one in cooperation with Radio Samantha Inernational. Again my wife and I+ this time now walking Cesar have made good friends during another great adventure on a radio ship and we hope to be contact with many of those who were also involved for the years to come. Somewhere in 2005 text and photos concerning the SMR 558 Party adventure can also be found on Meanwhile on that url already also for instance some material concerning Radio Caroline.

The SMR 558 crew. Left in front the ABC(D; then still inside Ada The Floating Dutchwoman) family and beer (in English: bear) Paul so attentive granted by mister (PJ) 40. Down under links of most ones on the pic.


Click here for the site of (Georgia girl; sometimes she plays that approciate song ) Neon Nancy (left standing)

Click here for the Radio Samantha International site of Brian Young (right standing)


Click here for the site of Nick Barnes (second right standing)


Taken from the second Hans Knot monthly report (more about that great media journalist for instance outhere under Radio):
After the birth of their first son Cesar Ross there's the revenge of the women in the world with the birth of a daughter to Ada and Bart Serlie. Daphne Caroline is her name. Bart has worked for several RSL's in England and whole the family loves the radio as the new born was on the radio within 36 hours, so the proud father wrote us. Congratulations the four of you. More too watch at and Bart has made some updates on the site recently.

Next mini bio+ photo (text under: Bart Serlie) concerning the FDM entioned on the site (link above) Radio Samantha International.


In the seventies Bart begun to listen to offshore radio stations and started to pirate near The Hague. In 1975 he got his first cassette recorder and was then already recording in his own English and pretending to broadcast from a radio ship not knowing that in the next century he would be really part of such adventures. In 2001 Bart joined the Radio Mi Amigo RSL and the third RNI RSL from the light vessel 18 in Harwich harbour. In 2002 he did his third RSL from that boat. More UK adeventures followed such as SMR 558 from the Ross Revenge with in the bananasuite yours truely mister (Brian Young) Samantha himself. Bart can be heard on several FM stations in Holland. For more information (also a much larger bio) on Bart go to the home page then click The Floating Dutchman under links


The Estrella arriving in Scheveningen harbour with people who have been fishing. After that many offshore fans with also yours faithfully webmaster BS went on board for the REM trip.


Just a bit of yours faithfully BS and also on above picture Martin van der Ven (homepagemaster of, mediajournalist Hans Knot and more. Also two former members of Hofstad Radio (in the old days on 97.8 FM from the parliament city) can be seen on the picture. Down under a bit in the dark recordings are made for the ZFM TIJDMACHINE (TIME MACHINE) of 11-9-2005.


Click here for more photos (also with The Floating Dutch ones; Cesar+ Daphne in Zoetermeer) of the the Radio Day 2005:

First of all some nice humour of Hans Knot ( Then the unlimited and finishing touch version which was sent to Hans Knot on 1-3-2006 for his first monthly report of March 2006 (sent to many by e-mail on 16-3-2006 and not long after that placed on several urls). Parts of the concept version can be found for instance via or

In the ABCD family from Holland a serious virus has been found on several occasions. Specialist from the Ministry for Communications have announced that the virus is called ‘radio infection’. Just read the latest as Bart Serlie sent in the next report about his family.

Hi Hans,

Despite the original real offshore (in my opinion several RSL's does act up to a certain description of it) radio is already rather long ago it still remains interesting to read much about it in your monthly reports. Also the links in it are often very useful. That’s also why I’ve put several links outhere, so when one is interested in more it's rather easy to get to it.

There's news around Nick Barnes who has been mentioned in your report several times.There still seems to be dosed airplay of his songs on Radio Caroline. Anyway meanwhile much rtv and Internet stations has also discovered him and play songs of that great artist.

This month it's a year ago the ABCD family have spent some time (even a couple of days all alone) on board the Ross Revenge. You asked me to make a contribution of those adventures and that could be read in one of your great reports of last year and can still be found on some url’s like for instance A Dutch version of it can be found via sub account CLOGGIE_TALK ( somewhere in 2006. As one can see on also that url as well Nick Barnes was on board the Ross Revenge in March 2005. Last year my daughter ( with her two related radio names (the first one is the name of the window head stock girl on board the LV18 and the second one is chosen for UK's most legendary radio station) Daphne Caroline (when it was turned out to be a boy the names would have been Daniel Ronan) was born. She is the sister of Cesar Ross ( who has only one name related to radio and was already acting as deejay Cesar and doing (UK) jingles when he was 2 years old.

Not long after my daughter Daphne appeared I mentioned to Nick (Barnes) that perhaps it could be an idea to record a song about her. Last month a surprising cd of it was delivered by mister postman at the ABCD house. On the day the lady in pink (she can be seen on the photo which Nick selected for the cd sleeve) became a half year there was the rtv scoop of her song during my show on Zfm 107.6 ( That resulted in grand respons and more airplay. Nick mentioned that he thinks “Daphne Serlie” could be one of his best songs and when it was heard in a certain UK club the couples got up to dance to it. Even his 4 daughters, who are gladly critical, like the song. Because the last two characters of the surname Serlie haven’t really been used in the song there arised the nice rhyme “Daphne Serl (Phil Mitchell ex Radio Caroline+ VOP and others pronounced it that way on md/ cd; both for airplay) What A Beautiful Girl”. My surname, which isn't a Cloggie one, is also not always for Dutch ones easy to pronounce. In English it should be something like Ser+ the last three characters of the Christian name of Kylie Minogue. Keyboarding about that artist the following. Last year on the Ross Revenge I saw a single of that down under girl in the record library (then still with the original chequered covering of the sofas) on which many crew members added texts. Better no mention them because most aren’t suitable enough for your always interesting report. Anyway despite the fact one was on the lady in red it’s to understand that much of them seemed to miss the real ladies. Because of a certain word it reminded me of a joke done by Mike Barrington. Just before sharing that with others one can see his eyes already twinkle. It’s so good to see him enjoy that anecdote. Just a little bit of it.


While I was on air from the lV18 on 1503 KHz in 2001 Mike, who seems also a regular reader (on Sealand) of your great monthly reports, said something to me about certain divers near the LV18. Especially on board a radio ship I think it can be welcome to mention certain happenings on air so the old days come alive even more. So soon I (only being a Cloggie with limited language knowledge) reported about those special divers in the broadcast. Some on board were afraid that it would cause problems with the authorities. Fortunate that didn’t happen.

Also via me requests came in from on air and Internet stations to play the song “Daphne Serlie” by Nick Barnes. When one is interested to order that special song then visit Outthere also the New Guestbook with for instance grand respons on that song and more or less also the following can be read: Nick has written another song called "Daphne Serlie" and is being aired on UHF TV Channel 26 in Holland this Weekend. Also featured on Zoetermeer FM! Nick is very excited with all this activity!

Kind regards behalf of the ABCD family (,

Bart Serlie alias The Floating Dutchman (

Click here for



Tekst zoals aangetroffen via Hans van Genderen, Bart Serlie *** De foto is gemaakt door Frans (van der Meer; zo genaamd op de radio).

Radio Waddenzee 1602 AM asked The FDM for commercials and programmes. Three months (probable until 01/09/2006) a couple of times a day a commercial with him about animal special shop Dijkink in Harlingen. Programmes with The FDM seem to be heard on term. There's a go (just like more two months as trial) for it.




Alhier kan worden geklikt om bij DE MEDEWERKERS bijdrage van BS (heeft op 27/12/2006 7-10 z'n laatste OCHTENDBOOT gedaan) op de site van Radio Waddenzee te komen

Tekst van bovenstaande link (zonder verkleinde foto met BS zoals vrij aan't begin van deze hompepage in de vorige ZFM studio):

Bart Serlie

Mijn functie bij Radio Waddenzee:
Programmamaker (de woensdageditie van DE OCHTENDBOOT) en inspreker voor reclames.

Hoe ben ik bij Radio Waddenzee terecht gekomen:
Tijdens het in eind mei 2006 door Sietse Brouwer bekijken van zijn foto’s van de LV18, waar hij en ik in het Engels programma’s op hebben gedaan, kwam ineens een heel proces op gang. Nog op dezelfde dag ben ik benaderd of ik interesse heb om programma’s te maken en commercials in te spreken.

Wat doe ik nog meer?
Mijn belegde (kaas gaat bij mij duidelijk boven vlees!) boterham komt voort uit een heel “circus” in Den Haag (volgens zeggen aan’t enige plein in NL met maar 1 nummer!) rondom met name slootdempingen. O.a. milieu, natuur, landschap en cultuurhistorische aspecten komen daarbij om de hoek kijken.

Vrije tijd?
Wat van de gebruikelijk zaken, maar natuurlijk ook radio (dat hoort al jaren bij het leven net zoals eten, drinken en slapen!): DE TIJDMACHINE op zaterdag en zondag bij Zoetermeer FM, voice over in een programma van Radio Excellent, op z’n tijd doe ik wat voor Radio Samantha International en Special Music Radio. Ondanks een paar honderd kilometer afstand en zeker geen goude handen (wel menig gouwe ouwe!) hoort klussen op de Jenni Baynton er op z’n tijd ook bij.

Let the music play (dat is gelijk een soort eerbetoon aan Barry White)!




Van (bij In het nieuws d.d. 26-10-2006):
In het nieuws
Weekendeditie van 'DE TIJDMACHINE' toe aan eerste lustrum op ZFM 107.6

Het radioprogramma 'De Tijdmachine', dat vorige eeuw is opgestart, blijkt gezien de stroom aan reacties van luisteraars nog steeds een succesvolle formule. Het is ooit begonnen op Radio Groeistad tijdens de legale periode en is daarna meegegaan naar Zoetermeer FM. Sinds november 2001 draait de weekendeditie met Bart Serlie. Binnen een uur kan een reis door de tijd worden meegemaakt met o.a. typerende hits en Zoetermeerse informatie. Het radioprogramma beslaat delen van de jaren 60, 70, 80 en 90. Per zo'n kwartier wordt een decennium verder in de tijd gegaan. ZFM 107.6 is de hele maand november op zaterdag en zondag tussen 10.00 en 11.00 uur ingeruimd voor met name de wat meer typerende bijdragen uit 5 jaar weekendeditie van 'De Tijdmachine'. Zo staan onder anderen bijdragen gemaakt in de boordstudio's van Radio Caroline’s Ross Revenge op stapel. Zoetermeer FM is niet alleen te beluisteren via de ether op FM 107.6, maar ook op de Zoetermeerse kabel via FM 92.9 en UHF tv kanaal 26 (ZFM InfoBoX). Meer informatie op de website van Zoetermeer FM.

Bron: Zoetermeer FM (Ingezonden bericht)


Zoetermeer- Het nieuwe album Blacktop Road geproduceerd door een voormalig lid van the Dire Straits is woensdag in ontvangst genomen door wethouder Pieter Smit. Op de cd staan twee nummers die met Zoetermeer van doen hebben, te weten Sweetlake City en Daphne Serlie. Het geschenk kwam uit handen van laatstvermelde die in Zoetermeer de 1000e geboorteaangifte van 2005 op haar naam heeft staan. De initiatiefnemer van de uitreiking is Zoetermeer FM medewerker Bart Serlie. Hij is eerder in een editie van deze krant vermeld vanwege het ZFM 107.6 programma 'De Tijdmachine' dat deze hele maand speciale lustrum uitzendingen heeft op zaterdag en zondag tussen 10.00 en 11.00 uur. Zo ook op afgelopen zondag toen onder andere muziek en een interview met Nick Barnes ( zijn te beluisteren geweest. Vorig jaar is de presentator met zijn toen nog drie leden tellend gezin (thans ook wel bekend als de ABCD familie), de zanger tegengekomen in Engeland aan boord van Radio Caroline's Ross Revenge. Sindsdien is er regelmatig contact met de Engelse muzikant. 'De Tijdmachine' presentator heeft gesuggereerd om Nick Barnes vanwege Zoetermeer 1000 jaar naar de groeistad zien te laten komen voor een concert. Een ander idee van hem is om het album en de single Sweetlake City, die hij afgelopen woensdag nog heeft gedraaid in zijn ochtendprogramma op AM 1602 Radio Waddenzee voor onder andere de burgemeester (ex wethouder Scheffer in Zoetermeer) van Harlingen, als (relatie)geschenk van de gemeente Zoetermeer te laten dienen. Daartoe is aan wethouder Smit een begeleidend schrijven meegegeven. Deze heeft aangegeven het album in zijn werkamer te gaan beluisteren.


Up Herry Kuijpers+ me on the JB and under me mister Smiley, photos from the weblog of Wim van Egmond; click here to get there!







What results (of the past) via searching machine GOOGLE on: Bart Serlie

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More concerning Radio can be found for instance under the button Cesar and Daphne.