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In 1867, Librairie d'Amyot, Paris published a book entitled, 'Les Reves et les Moyens de les diriger: Observations Pratiques'.  

It is the first serious book on dreamprocesses, and the ability to be conscious during dreaming is also described. Written by the French Marquis d'Hervey de Saint-Denys. I warn you that it is of scolastic level, a study book, and that you don't read it easily on the beach. 

Dr. Morton Schatzman edited in 1982 under the title 'Dreams and How to Guide Them' an abbreviated version, e.g without a censored Appendix. Up untill now, no integral English translation had been issued. 


The book is dedicated to Prof. Dr. Paul Tholey (1937-1998), another great lucid dream pioneer.

The original designer of the front cover is  Henri Alfred Darjou (1832-1875), French painter and draughtsman. Sigmund Freud stated in 1900:  'I could not lay hands on Denys' book, in spite of all my efforts.' Vaschide wrote in 1918 about the cover: 'The author has forgotten nothing concerning the principal movements of dreams.... At the top you will find an allegorical drawing... the cathedral, lost in the distance...., the biting fire, the snakes, the monsters, the ferocious animals.... He even drew a locomotive travelling through the air, bounding for a huge stair. The bottom page is more quietly: a castle at night, a little desolate.' The lion on the cover is featuring Léon d'Hervey’s face, and at his right side his fiancée and later wife, Louise de Ward. It also shows his castle Chateau du Bréau. 

Includes orginal covers, frontispiece and the censored Appendix: 'A Dream after I took hashish'.    

©Background: Hans Vos, sculptor