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In 1867, Librairie d'Amyot, Paris published a book entitled 'Les Reves et les Moyens de les diriger: Observations Pratiques', written by the French Marquis d'Hervey de Saint-Denys.  It is the first serious book on dreamprocesses, and the ability to be conscious during dreaming is also described. 

By lack of an integral English translation of this remarkable work, I decided to do it myself. 

I want to emphasize that I am not a professional, and that nor the French nor the English language is my native one!

                           SO... NOW THERE  IS A FREE OF CHARGE E-BOOK! 



Anyone who becomes interested in (lucid) dreams gets amazed at the number of books about it that appears, has appeared. One after the other seems to have the urge to publish a scripture on it. Usually it is a repeat of moves. One would expect to discern a solid theoretical model in this pile of literature. None is the case.  An 'industry' has arisen around the topic of lucid dreaming. For example, dream machines, nutritional supplements, training courses, seminars, dream catchers, dream audio are promoted. Some use the theme to build a career out of it. I call it 'spiritual materialism'. Use your common sense, because you are the expert yourself when it comes to your dreams. In fact, you don't need anyone and anything for your dream journeys, maybe just some basic knowledge of how to handle things. For it I recommend the books below. The best method for getting lucid dreams is to increase your dream memory.

1) Ann Faraday - 'Dream Power'  and/or  'The Dream Game'.

2) My manual - 'The Art of Lucid Dreaming'.

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