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Featured in Lockergnome on October 8, 2001Featured as Link of the Day at User Friendly on Jun 24, 2000.This site contains several algorithms for making calendar ordate related calculations. The code sections you'll find here, are coded in Visual Basic, but it's not difficult to rewrite the code in anyother programming language.

You are welcome to use these algorithms in your own programs,but a reference to this site would be appreciated.

Version 1.2 of the
Calendar Math ExcelAdd-In 
is now available for download!


I can no longer support Calendar Math, simply because I cannot find the time anymore that it requires.
You are still free to download it of course, but I will no longer answer questions or help you solving problems that you may have doing you calendar calculations.

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Last update:

Julian Day Number:   2452503
Civil (Gregorian) date:   Friday, 16 August 2002
Julian date:   Friday, 3 August 2002
Hebrew date:   yom shishi, 8 Elul 5762  
Islamic (Hijri) date:   Al-Jum'ah, 7 Jumada II 1423
Persian (Shamsi) date:   Jom'e, 25 Mordad 1381
Hindu (Indian Civil) date:   Shukravara, 25 Shravana 1924
Phase of the moon (% lit)   0.537397943815449
Age of the moon in days:   8
Shape of the moon: Waxing gibbous Moon
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