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BabyWatch Pregnancy Assistant
BabyWatch opportunities

Countdown together with
your unborn child!

24,112,168 seconds to go

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Track the progress of your pregnancy!
Developments of mother and child up-to-date every second.

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Includes The Babywatch BabyNaming Guide. Thousands of names from all over the world, including meaning, gender, origin, relationships with other names, names that sound similar & personality predictions.

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 bytes)You like to know everything?

The first 9 months are very exciting for the baby, the parents-to-be and family & friends. But is it not a shame that you can see so little of what's happening from the outside? That's what we thought, so we invented BabyWatch!

With BabyWatch you can watch the developments of your unborn child, updated every second. This program counts with you until the day your baby is born. See the counter decrease by tens of thousands of seconds every day. After all, it's about 24,112,168 seconds that you will have to wait!

During the pregnancy that you are "watching" you see statistics on baby's length & weight plus mother's belly, all updated every second. See those micrograms add up! You find lots of information in the weekly newsletter, can listen to the simulated hart beat for that very moment in your pregnancy. Plus watch pictures of the growing body of your child, shown in real size on the screen, updated every second (indeed, that's just a pixel the first weeks ;-). BabyWatch will also count for intermediate milestones in your pregnancy, so new goals pop up to keep you encouraged.

You can send progress reports by e-mail including baby's and mother's statistics and if you want the baby's names you have in your mind so far too. The BabyWatch e-mail agent can do this all for you, without any extra effort for you. Enter your personal notes in your BabyWatch dairy. You can even attach this dairy notes to the e-mail newsletter, involving your family and friends even more.

Browse through thousands of names, including astrological charts and meanings and already think about his or her name.   You might try to do a gender prediction, based on old saying combined with fuzzy logic calculations. You can keep a list of favorite names and see if your selected name matches any of five thousand celebrities from all over the world. You can even find out if your child will have its birthday on the same day as celebrities!

Is the time still not "flying by"? If you have had enough of all this clicking, just sit back and watch the stork fly on your screensaver and it will tell you the latest facts and figures about mother & child's developments.

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Both fun and educational for every
high-tech Dad, Mom, Aunt, Uncle,
Grandfather and Grandmother to be!

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 bytes)You like the Freeware or Professional version?

BabyWatch is a freeware program, very useful during your pregnancy or for a pregnancy that you are "watching". The freeware version contains basic counters, mail, screensaver and thousands of names that you can browse through, looking for that unique name for your unborn child.

You can download our FREE version which offers you:

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