CO2 sources and sinks

Here is the annual human produced CO2 and the amounts that:
remains in the atmosphere (blue)
is stored in sinks (green)

CO2 data from Mauna Loa, global emission data from CDIAC Using 2123 MtC/ppm CO2 as conversion factor from Jarl Ahlbeck:
below is:
the ratio between production and sink
the absolute values of the sink

The sink is heavily modulated by cold and warm years, but shows a distinct rising trend.
See also sink modeling by Peter Dietze, Jarl Ahlbeck and Lars Kamel.

Here is the annual "vegetation" amplitude (maxCO2-minCO2)*2123 MtC

Here is the annual CO2 growth at Mauna Loa (CO2 month year(i) - CO2 month year(i-1))
(eg: CO2 may 2001 - CO2 may 2000)

and a comparison with lower troposphere temperature (UAH version)

R-script for creating the above graph at

Other useful links for CO2 data:
NOAA CMDL CCGG - Interactive Atmospheric Data Visualization (monthly data)
World Data Centre for Greenhouse Gases (WDCGG) (comprehensive global)

Special thanks to Tom Boden of CDIAC for the emission updates.

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