Simple Media System for Playstation 2 (SMS) downloads


SMS Version 2.9 (Rev.4)


SMS language file examples


SMS palette generator (Win32 App)


SMS image generator (Win32 App)




MTK Font Creator utility


Turkish fonts (by nethunter)


Hebrew fonts (by rami1)


Cyrillic fonts (by Deank)


Codepage conversion utility (Win32 console App) 08-DEC-2007

SMS Skin Pack By Marcelo Leonardo


Modified ps2client (see readme inside)


SMS user manual kindly made by dave_t

SMS user manual in PDF format compiled by Corné F.J. Grobler

Small encoding guide to make high resolution mpeg2 files for SMS made by pitrz

How to make SMS font for multibyte character set (MBCS) subtitles

How to use SMS on unmodified consoles

Converting mkv (x264) to XviD tutorial/tool made by Dean Kasabow

Changelog for Version 2.9 (Rev.3) (Note updated language files)

- implemented 576p video mode (thanks to HRGS for the implementation);
- implemented 2:2 video pulldown (for smooth playback of 24fps video clips in
  PAL/576p video modes) (thanks to HRGS for the implementation);
- updated audio driver (modified upsampling algorithm that provides better
  sound quality and more flexible handling)(thanks to HRGS for the implementation);
- changed stereo downmixing algorithm for AC3 audio (using Dolby ProLogic II matrix);
  (thanks to HRGS for the research/implementation);
- significally changed USB/FAT driver (speed improvements);

- changed SMS configuration file format so it is not compatible with previous versions at all;

Please use e-mail (specified at the bottom of this page) for feedback.

Note that I don't have much time for SMS anymore so please don't expect frequent updates. Sorry for that.


Older USB drivers
SMS skin example

Another skin example from pitrz

To make a custom skin use SMS image generator. Launch it, open an image and

save it. File with the same name as the original one but with .smi extension

will be created at the same location as the original image. Copy it by any

means to Playstation 2 memory card into '/SMS/Skins' folder (without quotes

and note case sensitivity!!!). Insert that card into slot 1. Launch SMS, go

to SMS menu ('start' button on the gamepad) and select the skin using

'Browser settings...' -> 'Use background image' menu option. Recommended

image resolution is up to 800x600, otherwise results are not guaranteed.

It is also possible to upload skin to the memory card using SMS itself.

For that copy generated .smi file(s) to any media SMS can access, select

that media in SMS browser then select .smi file, press "rectangle" and

select available action.


How to localize SMS:


1. Download SMS Language file examples archive;

2. Check if desired language file is present there;

3. If yes than check (using text editor or whatever program) if all strings

    are translated correctly into desired language (strings that are not translated

    are prefixed by '?') rename it to 'SMS.lng' (without quotes and note case


   Otherwise use SMS.lng_EN file as template, translate it into desired language and

    repeat step 3;

4. Copy 'SMS.lng' file by any means to Playstation 2 memory card into '/SMS' folder

   (without quotes and note case sensitivity!!!);

   It is also possible to use SMS itself for that (same technique as for .smi files

   described just above);

5. Insert that card into slot 1;

6. Launch SMS, go to SMS menu ('start' button on the gamepad), select

   'Display settings...' -> 'Language' menu item and change it by pressing 'cross' or

   'circle' button on the gamepad (optionally change 'Character set' menu item to match

   desired character encoding (SMS supports 'WinLatin1', 'WinLatin2', 'WinGreek' and

   'WinCyrillic' character encoding (also know as 'codepages')));


SMS source code for version 2.9 (Rev.4) as 1.2MB .7z archive is available HERE

SMS history as 'README' file is available HERE

PS2SDK for SMS as 13MB .7z archive is available HERE