Running SMS on unmodified consoles (aka Plan "B") (last updated on 16-NOV-2008)

Warning: software provided here is free and it does not contain any commercially copyrighted code.

                   Its usage, however, can lead to license violation between the software user and SCEI.


Plan "B" is a technique of booting SMS software on unmodified (=out of the box) consoles.

It does not provide a way to boot other applications or play backups. Using this technique

on modified consoles does not really make any sense.

1. Prerequisites:

    - original 8MB memory card SCPH-10020 (preferably empty);

    - original DVD Player Version 2.10 disk (PBPX 95208, distributed with the remote controller SCPH-10150);

2. Installation:

    - install DVD Player Version 2.10 software on the memory card using instructions that come with DVD Player;

    - run THIS application (SMS installer) using any preferable method (SwapMagic etc.) and follow instructions

      that are displayed;


      Warning: after installation process DVD Player software will be unusable for its direct purposes as it will be

                      modified by aforementioned application;


3. Usage:


    - Insert memory card prepared on step 2 into any memory card slot of the console;

    - Turn the console on (or reboot it by pressing 'reset' button);

    - After approximately 10-15 sec. SMS shall boot up.

      Note: "Exit to" functionality of SMS is restricted to "boot browser" only;



    - installation can be performed on any (modified) console. In this case there's no warranty that SMS

      will be bootable at all. Only following PAL units have been tested: SCPH-30004R, SCPH-39004R

      and SCPH-77004;