SMS - Playstation 2 Simple Media System

User Manual


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The code created specifically for this project is released under the Academic Free License . For parts of the project derrived from the ffmpeg project, the code is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Installation
2.1. Installation Overview
2.2. Requirements
2.3. Copying SMS to your memory card (Independence/Modchip)
2.3.1. Copying SMS to your memory card using FTP Starting the FTP Server (uLaunchELF) Starting the FTP Server (ExecFTPs) Starting the FTP Client
2.4. Using a bootable SMS CDR (Modchip only)
2.4.1. Creating Your Own CDR (Modchip Only)
2.5. Using a bootable SMS DVDR (Modchip only)
2.6. Configuration
2.6.1. Network Configuration Example configuration 1 Example configuration 2
2.6.2. General Configuration
3. Usage
3.1. Controls
3.1.1. During Startup
3.1.2. During Navigation
3.1.3. During Playback
3.1.4. Player Menu
3.1.5. Scrollbar
3.2. Playing Files Over A Local Area Network
3.2.1. Playing Media Files Using a Windows Shared Folder Setting Up The Shared Folder In WinXP (PC side) Setting up SMS to access the shared folder (PS2 side) Accessing the shared folder from within SMS
3.2.2. Playing Network Video Files Using RadHostClient
3.2.3. Playing Network Video Files Using PS2Client-gui
3.3. Playing video files from a CD-R (without a modchip)
3.3.1. Instructions in Short
3.3.2. Instructions in detail Nero 5 If You've Not Got Nero 5
3.4. Playing files from a DVD-R (without a modchip)
3.5. Playing video files from a PS2 Internal Hard Drive
3.6. Playing video files from a USB mass storage drive connected to the PS2
3.7. MP3 Audio Playback
3.7.1. Playing single MP3 files
3.7.2. Playing multiple MP3 files without a Playlist
3.7.3. Playing multiple MP3 files using a Playlist
3.8. Subtitles
3.8.1. Playing Videos With Subtitles
3.8.2. Manually Selecting the Subtitle File
3.8.3. Non-ASCII Character Sets
3.9. Skinning
3.9.1. Creating a Skin
3.9.2. Applying a Skin
A. Frequently Asked Questions
A.1. I've made my CDDAFS CDR but my PS2 won't boot from it - It just sees it as an audio CD. What's wrong?
A.2. How does SMS playback quality compare with PS2Reality Media Player?
A.3. I can't see my network files - what's wrong?
A.4. What's an exploit? This sounds bad. Can I go to prison for running an exploit?
A.5. What is the “Independence Exploit” and how does it help me?
A.6. I can't access SMS on my DHCP network. SMS won't autoconfigure it's IP address. What's wrong?
A.7. Does the PS2 optical digital output (S/PDIF) work in SMS for AC3 passthrough?
A.8. What types of of writeable media (DVD-R/DVD+R/DVD+RW/DVD-RW/CDR/CDRW) will work with SMS?
B. Bits and Pieces
B.1. VESA Video Modes
C. GNU Free Documentation License