Chapter 3.  Usage

3.1. Controls
3.1.1. During Startup
3.1.2. During Navigation
3.1.3. During Playback
3.1.4. Player Menu
3.1.5. Scrollbar
3.2. Playing Files Over A Local Area Network
3.2.1. Playing Media Files Using a Windows Shared Folder Setting Up The Shared Folder In WinXP (PC side) Setting up SMS to access the shared folder (PS2 side) Accessing the shared folder from within SMS
3.2.2. Playing Network Video Files Using RadHostClient
3.2.3. Playing Network Video Files Using PS2Client-gui
3.3. Playing video files from a CD-R (without a modchip)
3.3.1. Instructions in Short
3.3.2. Instructions in detail Nero 5 If You've Not Got Nero 5
3.4. Playing files from a DVD-R (without a modchip)
3.5. Playing video files from a PS2 Internal Hard Drive
3.6. Playing video files from a USB mass storage drive connected to the PS2
3.7. MP3 Audio Playback
3.7.1. Playing single MP3 files
3.7.2. Playing multiple MP3 files without a Playlist
3.7.3. Playing multiple MP3 files using a Playlist
3.8. Subtitles
3.8.1. Playing Videos With Subtitles
3.8.2. Manually Selecting the Subtitle File
3.8.3. Non-ASCII Character Sets
3.9. Skinning
3.9.1. Creating a Skin
3.9.2. Applying a Skin

So, now that you've got SMS installed on your PS2 (see Chapter 2, Installation ), how do you get it play movies? This chapter explains all you need to know.

To run SMS you first need to run your exploit or start up your PS2 with the modchip installed. Then use the appropriate technique to start the SMS program. If you're using the Independence Exploit insert your (legitimate) PS1 trigger disc, and press reset. This will boot your chosen launcher application, where you can select which actual ELF you want to run.

Next, if you're using LaunchELF/uLaunchELF as your boot application, you can run SMS by navigating to SMS.ELF and pressing O. You may want to assign a shortcut button to it so it is easier to load next time.


If you use SMS regularly, you may want to assign it as the 'default' option in LaunchELF, so that it starts automatically, after a short delay.

Once you've got SMS running, you should see the nice SMS graphical interface on your TV set. From this point onwards, all the instructions are the same, whichever Exploit/Modchip you are using.


Figure 3.1.  Screenshot of SMS main GUI. (files you see are a directory listing of the current CD in the drive - the independence trigger disc in this case). Так выглядит главное окно программы. На приведенной картинке, можно видеть файлы, которые находятся на CD, вставленном в привод PS2 (в данном случае - диска программной модификации independence).

This is the screen where you will access most features from. The files can be navigated using up/down/left right on controller 1 or 2, and you can play them by pressing X. A special configuration menu is accessed by pressing start.