How to make SMS font for multibyte character set (MBCS) subtitles

(Thanks to 'hip203' for help)

(Note: Korean manual (MS Word document provided by 'cybereye') is available here

  1. Create .ini file based on this template. Do not delete any lines from it. Just change unicode character code (on the right side of the '=' sign). Leave the code blank if there's no character at the position of interest;

  2. Run 'MTKFontCreator' utility and open the .ini file created at step 1 from it;

  3. Generate 129 font files (one for each .ini section (=preset combo box as shown below)) with following settings:

    File name for the first section must be '00.mtf', for the second section '80.mtf' etc. Save each file with following settings


  4. Use this utility (Win32 console application) to generate multibyte font supported by SMS. This utility requires just one parameter: a path to the directory where 129 .mtf files generated at step 3 are stored. Resulting file has 'SMS.mbf' name. Copy it to the Playstation 2 memory card into 'SMS' folder. It is possible to have multiple font files on the memory card (they must have '.mbf' extension) and they are selectable via 'SMS Menu' -> 'Player setting' menu;

Sample multibyte font for Windows codepage 950 (~700KB);

Sample multibyte font for Windows codepage 936 (~1MB)


Sample .ini file for Windows codepage 936 (~422KB)


Win32 application that automates MtkFontCreator (by cybereye) (~54KB)

Source code of it (~124KB)