The Ninegrid

The Occasion

At a certain moment I stopped all my projects and all my activities during free time. The reason for doing this was the fact that I had more or less a burnout. On my way to recovery the reintegration officer of the health care institute gave me the order to think about a special subject, a theme, for the upcoming conversations. Since a long time I have a special interest in a theme that keeps me busy all the time: To normalize my world, as an individual, and bring it in the so called Nth form. Normalization is the process to make a given system more efficient by means of decomposition and enhancing its integrity. Normalization is a technique used in the world of IT (Information Technology).

A world normalized to the Nth form:

Since January 2004 I started this Nth form normalization project. In the IT industry normalization is used to bring structure to data collections (databases). I wanted to normalize the world, in order to make it transparent and understandable for myself. Two happenings in the past made me decide to do this and convinced me that it was doable and should lead to success.

First there were the lessons learned during chemistry classes on high school. I was told there, that two types of chemical reactions exist: acid reactions (H+ or proton) en redox reactions (electron). Johannes Nicolaus Bronsted once came to the conclusion that an acid gives a proton and a base takes a proton. Gilbert Newton Lewis once came to the conclusion that an acid takes a pair of electrons and a base gives a pair of electrons. Together they came to the conclusion that there is no difference between these chemical reactions. There exists one and only one chemical reaction: The Bronsted acid-base reactions. As long as you take a detailed view, and look what really happens, there is no real difference (reduction of complexity).

Secondly Stephen Hawkin once said: If “God” is part of the mystery, he will show up automatically. Hawkin is full of faith that things will end happily. He believes the End will come within the coming ten years. The last sentence of his book says: At the moment that we will discover a complete theory (meaning the so called Grand Unified Theory, which assumes all forces in Nature as being one and the same), this theory will be understandable for everyone, not only for a selected crew of scientists. Then all philosophers, scientists and ordinary people, will participate on the discussion why we exist in the universe.

The result of a world in Nth form resulted in a three-by-three matrix. This matrix I called The Ninegrid. This Ninegrid will be described in the next chapters, first as a summary, later on more detailed.

The Ninegrid

The Ninegrid consists of 3 rows (1 to 3), 3 columns (A to C), two arrows (horizontal en vertical) and two colored areas (red and blue). And then there are 4 + 4 = 8 boundaries and 2 crossings.

The three rows:

A1 to C1, corresponds to the Spiritual aspect
A2 to C2, corresponds to the Interface
A3 to C3, corresponds to the Physical aspect

The three columns:

A1 to A3,
corresponds to Believe (me)
B1 to B3,
corresponds to Knowledge (we)
C1 to C3,
corresponds to Truth (it)

Two arrows:

Two colored areas:

The four horizontal boundaries:

  ↓ the boundary of the absolute nil to the Spiritual ↓
1: ↓ the crossing from the Spiritual to the interface ↓
2: ↓ the crossing from the interface to the Physical ↓
3: ↓ the boundary of the Physical to the absolute nil ↓

The four vertical boundaries:

Rebirth →Conversion →Death →Perfection →

The two crossings:

The presented diagram for the Ninegrid is symmetrical for ease of use. It's imaginable that the rows and columns might have a different dimension, which are not exactly 1/3rd of the total width or height. Changing the width of columns or height of rows will have implications. I did not investigate these implications yet. Mathematically it's not of any importance. The relation Good : Evil remains 50 : 50, because the surface area of the blue and red area (base times 1/2 height) is invariant.