Music with animation

Bringing Mary Home Ghost of a Little girl hitchhiking home

Fiddler's Green The kind of heaven sailors dream of

Say Darling Say Some funny promises to a little girl

Fiddler in Black We captured some very odd fiddling pictures here

Fiddler in White and his peculiar version of Black eye Susan

Interactive Flash cartoons

Improve your driving skills: Hell Driver's Chicken Run

Rescue Minny from the Cruel Sea! You can do it!

Red Baron dogfights Minny in mid air! Things get worse. What little can we do?

News flash: Minny has left the earth. What destiny awaits her?

Whatchamacallit? These Things get very nervous when your mouse touches them

Spider versus man. A spider's version of Spiderman!

Dancing Cucumber brothers from Sweden: Herr Gurka Waltz
and It's Rag time!

Animated Flash cartoons

Almost Extinct. Last chance to see it alive! Living Wonders!

The first part of a movie that lasted 4 million years! (Including 1424000000 nights!)

And 5000000000 love stories: (Nr 1) Who is there? (Nr 2) The Sumo Wrestler

(Nr 3 love story) First Kiss in: Dance on doggy!

Little man stood no chance. Giant Dinodogs ruled the world!

Some of you may wonder how these characters are born? Meet their...

Immaculate Peepshow


loving mother!

De Razende Bol


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Last update: 7 June, 2010