As mentioned previously, the XR Sierras, Cortinas and Merkurs provided a unique combination of performance, rear-wheel drive handling, comfort, space and low operating costs. It is a pity that, with the exception of the South African XR8, which was made in only 250 examples, and the RS Cosworth Sierras, none of these cars were given an engine/chassis combination that could take advantage of the full potential of their design. Had all inline four, V6 and V-8 engine combinations been available in all the different Sierra body styles, that is, two door hatchback, four door sedan and hatchback, as well as estate car (station wagon), that would certainly have given other manufacturers a run for their money. And had they been produced on both sides of the North Atlantic, not only both sides of the Mediterranean, parts for these cars may well have been available at lower prices, thereby improving on their operating economy. Now that no rear-wheel drive platform is available for cars of this size, it is too late to introduce such cars.