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XR Ford Cortinas, Sierras and Merkurs
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Cars for Four Continents: Europe - Africa - North & South America

by George P. Nielsen

The purpose of this Website is to relate the story of the performance versions of the Sierra and its predecessor, Ford's "European intermediates", that is the XR and RS versions of these Fords. This site describes therefore the XR Cortinas, Sierras, Merkurs and RS Cosworth Sierras. It is the hope that this will become the Web's reference on such cars.

This Website has no connection or relation with Ford Motor Company. Its contents reflect solely the opinions of its author.

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The author wishes to thank Messrs. Jack Rutherford, Paul West, Andy O'Ryan, Tarmo Sulger, Lindsay Williams and Jason Haslam for having furnished pictures of cars and logos, as well as Messrs. Andy O'Ryan and Conrad Baudin for having provided a lot of useful information on South African Fords.



Copyright © 1996 George P. Nielsen