Production Totals

European made cars

 Ford Sierra XR4iFord Sierra XR4X4Merkur XR4TiTOTAL
1983 18,294    18,294
1984 4,941   871 5,812
1985 2,4274,855 16,482 23,764
1986   9,746 12,921 22,667
1987  6,290 8,146 14,436
1988   5,460 6,968 12,428
1989  13,203   13,203
1990  N/A  N/A
1991  N/A  N/A
1992  N/A  N/A
TOTAL 25,662 >40,000 45,748 >110,000


African made cars

Ford Cortina XR6Ford Sierra XR6Ford Sierra XR8TOTAL
1981 3,583    3,583
1982 3,223    3,223
1983 2,313    2,313
1984 14 3,929 250 4,193
1985   2,282   2,282
1986   1,563   1,563
1987   1,054   1,054
1988   671   671
1989   581   581
1990   748   748
1991   400   400
1992   15   15
TOTAL9,133 11,237 250 20,620

Monthly production of European XRs

Initially those of the XR4i were the highest achieved by any European XR Sierra. But within a year they fell considerably. Dealers had enoughXR4i's for several months after their production terminated.

Sales of the XR4X4 remained fairly steady until at least the end of the eighties. The new bodystyle and the new engine do not seem to have had a great impact on the sales figures.

Sales of the Merkur XR4Ti follow the typical trend of starting high, only to decrease during the production run. The strong D-Mark/weak Dollar resulted in a fall in sales in the final year of production.


Annual production of South African XRs

Both the Cortina XR6 and the Sierra XR6 followed the typical pattern of starting high and gradually decreasing sales over the production run. But the Cortina XR6 did not have time to fall much prior to replacement by its Sierra successor. 

Initially the sales of the Sierra XR6 were higher than those of its Cortina predecessor, but their rate of decrease over time was also higher.


RS Cosworth two-door

CountryAmountCar Population (1987)Proportion of
Total Population


RS Cosworth Sapphire rear-wheel-drive

CountryAmountCar Population (1988)Proportion of
Total Population


The United Kingdom was the leading market for Sierra RS Cosworths, as about half of the total production run of these cars went to this country. Which is not surprising, considering the fact that this country is the leading market for European Fords and especially for performance Fords. The two-door RS Cosworth also sold well in Austria. This is remarkable, considering the fact that no RWD RS Cosworth Sapphire was sold in this country. However, this car was popular in Italy, much more than its two-door predecessor. Other European countries in which hundreds of such cars were sold are West Germany, France and Spain.

Other countries in Europe in which Sierra RS Cosworths were sold were Belgium, Finland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway and Portugal. The Sapphire was sold in Denmark, an achievement which had eluded its two-door predecessor. No RWD Sierra RS Cosworths were sold in Sweden and in what was then Yugoslavia.

Outside Europe both the two-door and the RWD Sapphire versions of the RS Cosworth were sold in the Canary Islands and in Hong Kong. A few examples of the two-door car were sent to the United States, to Australia and to New Zealand, while a few Sapphire versions of this car were sold in Singapore, in Macao and in South Africa.