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Field Guide to the larger Allotaurinae
by Sipho Arietator

Read the review:

"This is the fourth volume in New Hades' Snaiad Zoology series, and it is the best sofar. Mr. Arietator showed his prowess with pen, ink and graphboard in previous books, but this time he surpassed huimself in focusing on those features that help to identify animals in a flash. His Allotaurinae certainly capture that elusive 'zing', the combination of silhouette, movement and posture that allows experienced hands to recognise their 'Allo' in the twinkling of an eye.
Some criticism is needed though: it would be nice to view several of the animals from more than one direction. The side views are indeed among the most distinctive an animal can offer, but the beginning Allowatcher might appreciate hind views for those Allo's that tend to turn their hindquarters to watchers. Likewise, the larger and more aggressive of the group will always face towards any spot of bother, so some front views for those would be good as well. After all, the beginner might like to be able to boast which species it was that came so near to charging his vehicle."

Flškt Urtatore, in 'FBC Wildlife Magazine'

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