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Soundscapes from other Worlds
Vol.1: Ambiances sonores d'Archipelago
Featuring Furahan Sounds (Includes booklet in English)

Read the review:

"New Hades has started a venture in cooperation with the IFB, presenting soundscapes from other worlds. Luckily, New Hades have resisted the temptation to insert sticky bits of New Age music into the natural soundscapes. Their first choice is a bit surprising, because the market for soundscapes seems almost saturated. But after hearing this excellent volume by the promising young soundsniper Gianni Mascalzone, I have to admit there is room for one more: at times, the sounds from Furaha made me quiet and restful, but be warned: the sounds of the herluberly featured on the cover will bring out the sweat on your back!"

Mariah Rhino in Citilife