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The 'Living World Series' by New Hades Publishers

Introducing New Hades' Living Worlds Series

"New Hades brings you an entirely new series of books on extraterrestrial life. Each lavishly illustrated volume will deal with life on one particular world. Every tome shall stand as a book in its own right, but the series will allow readers to compare worlds, and discover for themeselves that a finite number of natural laws produce an infinity of variations. The volumes offer depth of content, width of scope, and breathtaking illustrations."

Encyclopaedia of Furahan Wildlife
"A magnum opus!"

'Encyclopaedia of Furahan Wildlife', by Adalbjörn Grimaldi

"The first volume of New Hades' 'Living World Series' is devoted to the planet Furaha. On seeing it for the first time, I immediately knew I had to have it: it is big and beautiful, and is about life on a planet justly famous for its natural beauty. The book was awarded the title 'best wildlfie buy' by the Natural Space Society . A must-have!"

Taitius Tengh in Coffee Table Books and Journals

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