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A Field Guide to Henders Island
"The Secrets of Disk Ants, Spigres and their Kin Revealed!"

by Nell Duckworth-Binswanger and Geoffrey Binswanger-Duckworth

"The celebrated couple Binswanger & Duckworth have joined forces once again, this time to provide a Field Guide to life forms on Henders Island. Obviously, the title of the book must be taken with a grain of salt, as it is not likely that many readers will ever find themselves on Henders Island, book in hand, estimating the number of generations on a disk ant. As we all know, any unwary traveler will be the subject of close scrutiny himself, and on Henders Island this is immediately followed by nongratuitous violence. This reviewer rather prefers reading about the wondrous beings on Henders Island than becoming part fo their food chain.
The book does not go deeply into anatomical details, let alone the metabolism of the animals in relation to their cladistic status. Those who prefer to obtain as much specialistic detail as they can obtain are referred to other volumes on Henderian biology, such as Fahius' six-volume tome 'Henderian Biology, Biochemistry and Ecology with Notes on Comparative Paleobiology'. The current Field Guide, while not likely ever to be used as such, provides short, crisply written features of the most common Henderian life forms. Luckily, the authors have not stooped to excessive taxonomic correctness, meaning that they list Henderian plants as 'plants', even though these beings are clearly not plants in the common sense. For those new to Henderian parallel biology, the Field Guide will provide a most enjoyable introduction."

Moriarty Felsacker in Sol Wildlife Magazine

(More on Henders Island can be found on Warren Fahy's website, and there is also a discussion on the Furaha blog).

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