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Nereus / The wheel of life
"A brilliant exposť of life on Nereus!"

'Nereus / The wheel of life', by Chiara Olafsdottir

"This is the second volume in New Hades' new 'Living World Series' of monographs on lifeforms on particular planets. As held for the first volume, dealing with Furaha, New Hades have obviously spared no expense to make this series a success. The design and production quality are second to none, with large numbers of illustrations produced for this very volume.
Ms. Olafsdottir is an excellent choice to head the multi-author volume. She has succeeded to achieve a consistently lucid and elegant style. In contrast to the ecologically oriented volume of Furaha, 'Nereus' is organised cladistically. This is an interesting choice, allowing the books to have a different overall emphasis while keeping cohesion."

Eduardo Bollenius in Coffee Table Books and Journals

(The age was produced with Evan Black, the author of Nereus; here is his website).

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