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Paleo Days
"If you want to know what Field Research on an Alien Planet is like, read this book"

Paleo Days, by Ms Sigismunda Felsacker, Carnivorist, FPRExS, MFOFSc

"Ms Felsacker has written an extraordinary chronicle about her field work. ... She conveys the day-to-day minutiae of collecting information in the occasionally romantic - but more often tough, at times even horrifying - conditions on the Paleogeas, a remote island group on the planet a Phoenicis IV, in a style utterly free of academic jargon. Few readers will fail to be moved by her poignant efforts to cheer up a brooding worrywallah ... or by her harrowingly narrow escape from a stampeding herd of Handlebars! Her account of the first encounter ever with a graceful Bogorbes, depicted on the cover, allows the reader to share in the wonder of being in such a paradisiacal place."

Sytske Looijen in De Nieuwe Stadstuin-Courant

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