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Field Guide to Plents
by Randy H. Cormex

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Visiting Sagan IV is a joy for any ecotraveler. Obviously, traveling the galaxy is not for all, but luckily those of us who have to stay on their home worlds can still enjoy the beauty and fascination of other world through books such as this one. Do not be mistaken by its title of 'Field Guide': this might lead you to think that the book is merely useful for those happy few who can actually set foot on Sagan IV, book in hand, to check which plent they are dealing with. There is little doubt that the book is eminently useful for this purpose, but it also provides excellent introductory chapters on Sagan Biology, and many of the entries on individual species contain fascinating snippets of information.

Plents are mixotroph, being able to ingest and digest organic matrial as well as take care of their energy needs through photosynthesis. This ability opened an immensily wide range of niches to plents, so their life styles vary from completely sessile land creatures to swimming marine forms, as well as walking land forms. The cover shows a Fan Plent, with huge fan-like leaves. It is shown during a sessile period, but the book provides ample coverage of how Fan Plents crawl towards a body of water to reproduce, as well as of the offspring in their filter feeder stage.
The book is a fascinating read. Three stars!

Euphonia Gunnarsdottir, in Safiri Salama!

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