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'Furaha Trees' By Bert Matateló and Gawyn Bleedkoop
The first guide for non-professionals on Furahan Trees

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"This is an extraordinary book on Furahan Trees, although it must be said that it aims squarely at the Novice section of the market. This is no great problem though, as there has been a need for a book such as this one for a very long time. The only book available sofar was the famous 'MacSherry's Handbook' with its wealth of details, but, due to the enormous amount of cross references, it is not easy to get the most out of it. This new book is much easier to get to grips with; at times, in fact, the true enthusiast one might wish for a little more information, but the clarity of the illustrations, many of which were XFrogged, leaves no doubts that this is a must. Go out and get it!

Deirdre d'Alusione in The Coffee-Table Book Club Review'

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