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The Snaiadi Vivarium Beginners' Guide
by Laureline Mezières

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Having a brightly lit Vivarium graces any living room, and as a hobby it seems to be growing. While this guide appears to be aimed at beginners, do not take that too literally! It would be wise to gain some experience with Terran species before tackling Snaiadi ones, so the 'beginner' in the title refers to those beginning with Snaiadi species, not just any species. The book starts with an explanation of how the trade in Snaiadi species is harmless from a conservation point of view, which is indeed true, provided the animals are obtained from official cloning centres. Some of the illegal imports may not even be genetically rendered dependent, so beginners are urged not to risk another disaster like the Foamfroth one!
The author takes the reader through all the steps of controlling their new minibiotopes, made so much easier nowadays with the all-in-one Microtope controllers that will do everything needed to control your atmosphere, humidity and density. No longer do beginners need to mix their own atmospheres. The second part of the book discussed about 30 species suitable to be kept in a Snaiadi vivarium, with tips to keep them happy. Be sure to check availability of appropriate food sources before you buy one of the more advanced species. A steady supply of Earth worms will do for a Snaiadi vermiphage, but never underestimate how much they want! Finally, the author ends with a table stating which species can be kept together and which must definitely be kept separate. Sadly, this reviewer knows it is better NOT to learn that from experience...
All in all, a useful addition to the book shelves. Three stars!

Duane Marlowe, in Safiri Salama!

(Part of this image represents art by Nemo Ramjet, with his permission)