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The official website for palaeoclimatology with some background information about climate change science and many databases.

The official website of the Global Network of Isopes in Precipitation (GNIP) that has been gathering data about isotopes in rain water since 1961. On the website you can also find a lot of background information and booklets about stable isotopes and their relation to climate change.

There is a website www.waterisotopes.org that goes into much more detail about stable isotopes in (rain) water and it also has a calculator that can give isotope values for any location in North America. The calculator is based on a model made by the guy that built the website, Gabriel Bowen. The website was of great use for my project.

Website of the Stable Isotope Biochemistry Laboratory (SIBL) at McMaster university where I did the stable isotope measurements on the water beetles. They are awesome people there!

Website of The Canadian National Collection (CNC) of Insects, Arachnids and Nematodes. This organisation was extremely kind to give me 100 beetles from their collection, knowing that I would have to destroy them in my project…

Website about Russian beetles with lots of general and specific information, identification keys and beautiful photos.

If you also like small critters, like me, you may want to check out what you may find if you go on safari in your own garden!