Acorn Atom in FPGA

See the Polymorph project pages for the latest features.

This project successfully emulates an Atom with a 1.79 MHz 65C02 running Atom BASIC. It has far more ROM and RAM than the original, and the video circuitry fixes many deficiencies of the 6847. It now has a programmable font, palette, hardware cursor, smooth scrolling, and more display modes.

Main enhancements

  • 1.79 MHz CPU clock speed (79% faster than original)
  • No 'Snow' through full transparent CPU/video memory interleaving
  • PS/2 Keyboard cheap and readily available
  • PS/2 Mouse
  • 50/60 Hz video line/field timings software-selectable
  • 220x100 mm Eurocard
  • 32 or 40 columns of text
  • 16 or 20 rows of text
  • 2nd font of 8x8 pixels for up to 30 rows of text
  • Programmable video base address allows double-buffer animation
  • Low power consumption about 440 mA (instead of original 3 amps!)
  • RGB colour circuitry inside FPGA
  • Printer slave port - for fast input
  • USB slave port - for fast input and output
  • Smooth vertical scrolling for text or graphics
  • Cursor hardware
  • Programmable palette
  • Programmable font
  • Colour screen attributes
  • Acorn Atom screen shots

    Surface with hidden face removal

    Graphics screen

    The Atom character set