Coffee Mills, the History of their Manufacturers and Suppliers in Germany, Great Britain and The Netherlands

ISBN 978-90-9023003-0
  The occurrence of the coffee mill was a likely step on the road from the discovery of coffee to the luxurious coffee shops we know today. Every European country seems to have its own characteristic coffee culture. In Germany, coffee consumption started relatively late due to wars and a preference for other drinks. In the Netherlands, the early trade in coffee, and custom of mixing the real thing with substitutes as well, prove the economical skills of the Dutch. In Great Britain, coffee houses were most successful and formed the bases for many a trading house or insurance company. The coffee mill remained one of the most polular domestic appliances during three centuries. The book describes why and is a guide to those carboot and antique market enthusiasts who would like to know the story behind the manufacturer of an old coffee mill.

This book focuses on coffee mill suppliers and manufacturers in Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands. The manufacturers and suppliers described started their business in the period ranging from 1890 1950. Each chapter gives an overview of coffee developments in general for each country, descriptions of coffee mill manufacturers, some coffee mill trade catalogues and patents applied for by these manufacturers.
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