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Hello my name is Jeroen and I live in Holland in The Hague. The third city of Holland and where the government is and also where the Queen lives

I`m 33 and my hobbies are going to the pub and collecting information about ferries

At the weekend I often go to the pub , mostly I go to some pubs in The Hague which are ;Muziekcafe De Paap,The Fiddler ,O'caseys Irishbar. and Cafe "De Pijpela"

I made my own startpage

Party photo's


Marion's halloween pictures

For more information about pubs in The Hague you can go to:


Haagsche Nachten

I also like to drink a good pint of beer, at the moment my favourite beers are:

Caffreys (used to be available at O'casey's Bar The Hague)


John Smith's Bitter

John Smith Smooth

Jennings Bitter

Fiddler Ale (brewed at "De Haagse Bierbrouwerij" microbrewery at The Fiddler)

Fiddler Stout (brewed at "De HaagseBierbouwerij" microbrewery at The Fiddler)

Fiddler MIld (brewed at "De HaagseBierbouwerij" microbrewery at The Fiddler)




Murphys Stout

Murphys Irish Red


Grolsch Premium lager

Hertog Jan

Well I think this list can go on for ever*LOL*, if you know a good beer and it isnt in my list please let me know


                                                    direct door naar wsv SDS Den Haag

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