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Welcome to my smaller version of my website! This website is about my hobbies: website models, how to build a website with CSS 3, my amateur photography and tips about expositions and with this for spare time tips!

(In larger screen devices you'll find full screen website models on my website. Also a guide how to build a website)

I'm lucky to live in the historic centre of Leiden, one of the cities in the Randstad (some large cities together in the west of our country).

Have a look around, I would say!

Jan Willem


Question Answer
Why are the contents of your website model not the same? The websites were build in different periods with different content.
Why does it take a week before you place your photographs? I really need this time to make a first selection from about a large amount of photographs. After this quality will be checked, some photographs I cut. This takes some time: it's not only uploading pictures to a photograph site. All the html 5 for loading the pictures are typed by hand.
Why don't you have photographs with your friends/relatives on your side? My friends, family and I like to keep our lives more seperated from our websites.
Why did you make this website? Please have a look at welcome with the head contents!
Do you accept advertising labels on your site? No, with small exceptions. Only when I want I put a lable in my webpage. Mostly businesses I know/I'm familiar with.
Do you want to ask me a question? Go to the email button and just ask! Go now!
FAQ policy
The questions will only be placed when I wish to place them. Needless to point out I only place answers to decent questions.

Website changes: flexible websites

Update: November 17th, 2013

Responsive example

I already told here HTML5 is nowadays main stream, accessibility of websites easy by plain one rule menus. CSS 3 is used all around. Mobile websites and apps already became common.

Next development seems to be the flexibility of websites ("responsive web"). You want them to look good on every device. The I-phone, the I-pad, a computer screen, but also large television screens are used nowadays to look at websites.

That's why I made my website fluid as possible in both sreen size and content to browse with WIFI.

Only thing I still study is how to deal with images, not one solution on the internet I really liked... still looking.

And yes, I'm still curious about the next development in the world wide web!

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  • Drents Museum Assen
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Recent updates/Specials/Picasa albums

Drents Museum in Asssen

Fotostrips - Ype special reviewed.

New website model: vertical jQuery scroller.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam opened.

Ready with renewing look of this website, all subjects are finished.

Website totally written in HTML 5.


Flo. Will be renewed soon.

Fotostrips - Ype special (only Dutch).

Picasa phone cell albums

Photograph Occupy
Amsterdam, march 25th 2012

Photograph snow in Leiden
Leiden, february 3rd and 5th 2012

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