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Why website models?

Call it a little bit escalated hobby. Website models. But also helpful to share knowledge about HTML5, CSS and Javascript. What is possible with HTML5? How do I deal with the CSS? And how do I adapt the jQuery. In these examples, with the source my Dutch home screen, you'll find a lot. Models are all in Dutch, but the HTML and CSS speak for themselves.

See codes?

It's easy. In every file under toelichting (Duth for explanation) you find a link to the CSS. For the HTML 5 of every model just right click and choose Source!

Internet Explorer version 7 and less?

Some models are not shown the right way in Internet Explorer version 7 and lower. The best browsers to look at the models are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

What do I see in this screen?

More website models will soon be suitable for all kind of devices. Look for more website models in larger screens. Click on the picture or the url to see them.


Improvement or an idea for a new model? Always welcome, send with an email your suggestion! By the way, I only do these when I'm in the mood!

Model 1

More website models will soon be suitable for all kind of devices.

Model 1 No supporting pictures
Model 2 Amsterdam canal house
Model 3 Aquarium
Model 4 Verticale jQuery scroller
Model 5 Jordaan television
Model 6 Type writer
Model 7 CSS 3 effects
Model 8 Retro
Model 9 Horizontal silk
Model 10 Transparent butterfly
Model 11 Not moving cat
Model 12 Transparent overlap
Model 13 Business glass
Model 14 jQuery color chooser
Model 15
Steve Bloom
Model 16 Color palet
Model 17 Orange black glossy
Model 18 jQuery moving divisions
Model 19 Broidery
Model 20 Orange glass window
Model 21 Flexible purple model
Model 22 Grey blog
Model 24 jQuery blog
Model 25 CSS 3 shadows
Model 23 Mondriaan experiment
Model 28 Mobile website example jQuery

Any idee for a website?

Please send me an email. You never know!