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this site is under construction and regularly updated.


The aim of this website is to give collectors as much information as possible about the revenue stamps of the Netherlands. As this is the first time such an attempt is made it is obviously not complete (the basis for this site is my own moderate and far from complete collection).

I therefore urge all collectors to contact me with any new discoveries or additional information about these stamps. If possible send me a scan on jpg. format in color so I can make this website as complete as possible.

 I am looking for pictures of stamps indicated with    




All these links concern revenue stamp collecting and revenue stamp dealers.

Revenue dealer and publisher

Revenue dealer and publisher

Web contact group on revenues and cinderellas

Find your unknown stamps here

Italian Revenue stamps catalogue

New Zealand Revenue stamps catalogue

Russian Revenue stamps and locals

The American Revenue Association.

Playing card tax stamps.

Indonesian revenues.

Die Internet-Seite für den Impost-Stempelpapier-Sammler

Wolfgang Morscheck, Bad Säckingen - Baden Württemberg

General Revenue site


My special thanks goes out to the following collectors who provided me with scans and additional information:


Oscar van der Vliet (Netherlands) on various subjects

Peter van Huuksloot (Netherlands) on various subjects

Avraham Ron (Israel) on Spoorwegzegels

Fons Overwater (Netherlands) on Bondszegels and Bank Saving Stamps

Arnoud Viersen (Netherlands) on verzekeringszegels

Mark Hendrickx (Netherlands) on various subjects

Erik van der Haar (Netherlands) on Spoorwegzegels and verzekeringszegels

Theo Schalke (Netherlands) on various subjects

Jan Verster (Netherlands) on rentezegels

Wolfgang Morscheck (Germany) on Cleyn Segel

Monique Erkelens conservator Postwaarden

Museum voor Communicatie






  Generally speaking not revenues,

          but nice to collect



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