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Ashley  inspecting dinner?

This site contains information about the Butterfield's Edward Johnson Trust and the various projects that it supports in India. These include, amongst others, Jeevodaya, the railway children's home in Itarsi, and the Sharma family girls' hostel in New Delhi. The site was originally developed for bogiewallahs who travelled with the Butterfields' Indian Railway Tours. The Railway Tours no longer operate but the organisers and the passengers are the founders and main supporters of the Butterfield's Edward Johnson Trust. The site therefore provides, in addition to information the activities of the trust, information on other items of interest such as some opportunities to experience some unique places to stay in India, and the opportunity for ex-passengers to wallow in Railway (and Coracle) tour nostalgia, travelling through India, living on the bogie, and rereading some of those rules and warnings with which all we passengers were presented.

Entrance to Jeevodaya

Places to Stay
Relax in Jane and Ashley's village home in Kerala, or sample the delights of the Rooftop Retreat in Mysore.

Any bogiewallahs with material they'd like to add to the site or suggestions for improvement please email us without delay.
Photographs and reports from people who have visited any of the projects or any other interesting places in India are always welcome. For some of the railway tours we have no photos or only appropriate but not actual photos from the tour, we are particularly interested in photos of the Pakistan and Cauvery trips. Of course, photos of Ashley with a goat are always welcome! All contributions for the Bogiewallah page are gratefully received.