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The Collector Came! Open Day 2005

Open Day 2005


The 5th Open Day celebration was held on 13th November 2005.
As usual there was a large and varied program. Speeches from various "dignataries" were intersperced with a series of music and dance numbers presented by the boys and girls of both the residential homes and the day care centre. This year the boys from the home in Japalpur came for the Open Day (travel courtesy of Indian Railways) and performed their own dance routine.
The full program was:

 1. Welcome With Band
 2. Garlanding
 3. Lighting the Lamp
 4. Welcome Address
 5. Welcome Dance
 6. Report Release
 7. Group Song - Tu Pyar Ka Sagar
 8. State-M.P.
 9. Jagriti - Dandia
 10. Day Care Group Song - Bhala Kisi Ka
 11. State - Mahrashtra
 12. Group Dance - Dariya Kinare
 13. Progress Report
 14. Punjabi Dance
 15. Blessing by Mrs Jane Butterfield
 16. Drama - Save Water
 17. Day Care Dance - Just Chill

 18. Blessing by Mrs. Deepa
 19. State-Bihar
 20. Dance - Maine Chunri Hai Lehrai
 21. Blessing by Mr. Steve
 22. Drama - Child Rights
 23.State - Punjab
 24. Dance - Hum Hai Nai Duniya
 25. Blessing by Mr. Ashley Butterfield
 26. Karate
 27. My Story - Afaiz
 28. Song - Yaha Aakar Pai
 29. Blessing by Sr. DEE Vinayak Garg
 30. Prize Distribution
 31. Blessing by Collector Faiz Ahmed
 32. Vote of Thanks
 33. National Anthem

A collection of photographs taken during the Open Day can be seen here.

The Annual Report can be viewed page by page here or downloaded as a single PDF file here.