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BEJT was formed in 2001. It is named after Edward Johnson, an old friend and lifelong fan of Butterfield's Tours, who spent much of his life on the road/ rails, looking after his brain-damaged wife and two children.

He paid for their food and medical care by washing up pots for tourists on special bogies, or removing dead bodies from stations for the railway police. He died in 1997 after a long fight against lung cancer. In life and in death, he was a constant source of inspiration to us.

We have been unable to trace Edward's wife Philomena, but his children, Joseph (16) and Anna (13) reside at an SOS Childrens' village in Faridabad, Haryana.

BEJT aims to help disadvantaged children become economically independent and well adjusted members of society, as well as of their own families- we strongly encourage the preservation/ renewal of broken or tenuous family ties. BEJT uses donations from bogiewallahs to support three projects- the railway colony and the Sharma family girls' J&Aplusboyshome in Delhi, and Jeevodaya in Itarsi.

We visit the projects regularly to ensure that your contributions are put to good use, carry your money out in cash and change it into rupees at the best rate, and draw no expenses. BEJT spends less than 0.5% of its income on administration- mostly costs incurred by the 6-monthly donors' updates. You can therefore be sure that over 99% of your donation reaches our projects intact (Click here for details of the 2004-2005 accounts).

BEJT has four trustees - Jane and Ashley Butterfield, Stephen Cannan and Justin Rose. It is their responsibility to ensure that your donations don't go astray and is put to the best possible use. Justin is also our legal advisor.

If you are not already doing so, and can help (see "How can I Help") either with a one-off donation, by making out a standing order, by leaving a provision in your will, or by fundraising on our behalf, we would be very grateful. If you are a taxpayer, please fill out a gift aid form so that we can reclaim your tax. However little you can spare, it will be much appreciated. Cheques should be made out to BEJT. .

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